Wooden Staircases

Tailor Made Wooden Staircases that Reach New Heights in Design & Quality

When you are ready to place an order for made-to-measure glass and wood staircases with our dedicated staircase facility, one of our technicians will be pleased to visit the site to conduct a survey. This will include taking appropriate measurements, offering layout and safety advice, and to confirm that your specifications comply with current building regulations.

modern natural staircase

The details of the project will then be presented to you on a staircase dimension sheet, which upon your approval will form the manufacturing order for the staircase. Once you give the project the go-ahead, we will acknowledge your order and advise you that it is being processed and of the anticipated delivery date.

It is not necessary for us to conduct a site survey simply to prepare a quotation. In most instances, we will be pleased to quote against a copy of the appropriate drawings and/or bill of quantities and specification.

technical stair
Technical Stair Details

Tailor made to your exact design and budget requirements, our staircases are manufactured in a selection of timbers, and can be produced to a multitude of design options including the use of glass.

Staircases are supplied in a form, which will help the tradesmen on site to install the staircases in the minimum amount of time.

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