Wood Briquettes

Ideal for Log Burners, Wood Burning Stoves & Open Fires

We now manufacture wood briquettes for wood burning stoves from environmentally-friendly, clean, 100% recycled wood chip. Our untreated wood briquettes contain NO glues or chemical additives.

Briquettes are a greener, more sustainable solid fuel to traditional logs for your wood burning stove. The feedback on a relatively new product has been overwhelming and must be tried. Wood briquettes can be purchased direct from our workshop in Neath Abbey.

log burner

Our briquettes are ideal for the following applications:

  • Multi Fuel & Wood Burning Stoves
  • Open Fires
  • Outdoor Log Burners
  • Wood Barbeques
  • Open Air Cooking Stoves
  • Chimineas, Fire Pits & Patio Warmers